General questions about the project application

What if I never wrote a project, but I believe I have a great idea?

This is exactly what we’re looking for. We need concepts and ideas. You just need to be prepared to answer a few questions in the questionnaire.

Can I submit an existing project?

Yes of course, it must however meet one of the EU criteria provided herein.

Is it necessary to concentrate on the year 2026?

Nope. Projects that will conclude in 2026 can be prepared and occur between 2022 – 2026.

Is it necessary to submit a cultural project only?

Culture is everything that is not nature.  Each intended project should use culture as the bearing element for its main idea, but that can be applied to anything. For example in one of the winning cities, the local sport clubs joined with the local choires to create new anthems for their teams.

Does it have to be an artistic activity?

Not at all. A project intent can also be a suggestion for infrastructure (e.g. community centre, public space, cultural centre), educational event (workshop, symposium), exchange of experience (intern work in organisations) or study stays.

Does the activity have to be associated with Hlohovec only?

No. The activity can be associated with the entire Hlohovec town region.

Do I have to have an organisation to be able to suggest a project intent?

No, not at this stage. When you will be asked to complete your idea into a project (after May 31, 2020), you will need an organisation that will provide a framework for you (e.g. civil society).

How many projects will be undertaken before the end of 2026?

In other cities ECoC programme involved on average some 250 project in 5 years (50 a year) and therefore we would like to get at least 250 ideas that will become 50 projects in 2026.

Do I need to have a budget ready?

It is not necessary at this stage.

What will happen with my idea next?

In June 2020 we’ll read through all of the submissions. Then we’ll contact you with a request to finalise the project intent or with a request to revise it.

In case that you will not have time or feel like revising your project, it will be put aside and we’ll wait for you and when you find time and/or feel like revising it.