How to consider your intended project

We ask that in the project description you take note of the following areas of interest of the European Commission (at least one of the areas is sufficient):

How long will we retain our cultural heritage (both tangible and intangible assets, for example restorations, reconstruction of existing landmarks, seminars or analysis of our cultural heritage)

How can we foster community and wellbeing in the space of our town and region (for example projects for bringing communities together on the back of cultural activities or creation of events that will promote us and will make us proud.

How can we create the space and environment for artists and arts, culture and creative industry professionals (for instance through founding collaborative incubators between the local business people and professionals in creative industries /design, architecture, arts, advertising/ for creating new ideas that will lead to new products.

How can we create and maintain the European content (for example how original our ideas will be, not seen before in Europe or which others can take inspiration from and learn to use in their towns).

How we can support gender equality (for example creating a film festival focused on films associated with the topic of gender equality).

How we can develop international cultural connections and relationships (for example through organising student exchange programme in foreign cities or through welcoming foreign university students for a long-term work experience stays here at our local companies.

These areas will be identified in a separate section of the questionnaire, but keep them in mind when writing down the concept project description.