Hlohovec 2026

European Capital of Culture - candidate city


What is the European Capital of Culture?

The ECoC is a programme that joins together cultural richness of European countries, brings it to as many Europeans as possible and at the same time preserves uniqness of each culture and a member state of EU. It is a programme that wipes out borders between these cultures and at the same time clearly highlights their distinctivness. Let’s become part of this excellent programme.

Frequently Asked Questions about ECoC

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Why Hlohovec as ECoC?

Many of you will say it’s impossible. Perhaps you’ll even say we are naïve and our visons are unrealistic. Why associate Hlohovec with ECoC?

Not only because we believe in the quality of the programme, but mainly because WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE OF THIS REGION. We can see a huge potential that can be boosted by ECoC. We are convinced that this is exactly the moment, the inspiration, the moving force that will shift everything forward, so that we as a town and region can showcase ourselves and the very best we can offer outside Slovakia as well as outside Europe.

Get excited with us, believe in your potential. It will cross borders, your personal and of our state. Let’s work together on this unique European project.

What will the project bring for Hlohovec?

To be given the title of ECoC means a rare opportunity for the town, that could be the catalyst for a positive cultural, social and economic growth.  Previous European Capitals of Culture demonstrated that getting the title could be an extraordinary chance to re-generate and re-start the region.