Hlohovec 2026

European Capital of Culture - candidate town


Right now

29.12.2020 Short interview about the next steps after submitting the application with Juraj Surma, Veronika Moravčíková and Roman Černík.

17.12.2020 Vlog from the submission of the application to the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic by twenty Hlohovecians and friends of Hlohovec.

14.12.2020 The Bid book Lauch party. The godfather was Richard Müller, assisted by Veronika Moravčíková, Miroslav Kollár, Roman Černík and Juraj Surma.

8.1. 2021 Život v Hlohovci              The fate of Hlohovec as the future ECOC 2026 is already in the hands of the evaluation committee

Thank You very much 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the application process, program and partnerships.

National organizations: 5
Municipalities: 25
Organisations from Hlohovec: 49
Hlohovecians and friends of Hlohovec: 138
European towns & cities engaged in a programme: 23
European organizations engaged in a programme: 15

European and Slovakian inspirers: 70


Frequently Asked Questions about ECoC

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Map of project proposal from open call

We present you a map of project intentions from the inhabitants of the town and district Hlohovec. Thanks for all 317 of them. Together, your projects will form the framework for the draft program for the European Capital of Culture 2026 competition.