Part of our application is also a new visual identity of our candidacy that is replacing the first version. Its author is Jakub Svetlík, an experienced graphic designer from Hlohovec who we introduced in the interview in our November issue. He says about his role in the ECoC 2026 project: „I see the ECoC2026 project as a huge opportunity for improving the lifestyle of the town. Whether its a move forward in the cultural sphere or strenghtening of the cooperation amongst the residents. I believe the town has a hidden potential, that we can discover through this project. Jakub revealed what inspired him when creating the new visual identity: „It was actually the people working in Hlohovec. I was looking for a symbol that would be easily memorable, contemporary and outstanding enough to be noticable at the local as well as global level. A symbol that would not be about the town as such, but about the people that form the town. A symbol that represents the infinite hours spent by volunteers that make life in this town better and nicer. A symbol that represents every actively participating person involved in the everyday life of Hlohovec. It does not matter whether we are a large or small town. A progressive town is made up by cooperation of residents who move this town forward through their smaller or larger acts. Thus the cluster of arrows pointing right is the basis for the visual identity representing a town, in which the residents share an ambition to move forward together. Of course I was also trying to match the ECoC logo to the town logo to make clear they are representing the same Hlohovec. You be the judge.”