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The fate of Hlohovec as the future ECOC 2026 is in the hands of the evaluation committee

January 2021  (english version)  Prescribed 20 copies of bidbook were submitted by 20 co-authors of the Hlohovec´s application on Tuesday 15th of December in the Ministry of Culture.


December 2020 (english version) The candidacy of Hlohovec for the ECoC is also supported by a famous personality from Hlohovec – Richard Müller.  He was enticed by an offer to get involved in the project as a dramaturgist and a patron of selected music programs and visual art productions.


Map of project proposals

August 2020  (google maps)          We present you an interactive map of 317 project proposals for ECoC programme  


The ECoc project offers a platform for cooperation

May 2020 (english version)
Could a town like ours, despite not even having a cultural centre harbour ambitions to become a capital of culture? Many say it’s impossible. Many think these visions are naive and unrealistic. Nevertheless, people...


The new logo of our candidacy

December 2020 (english version) Part of our application is also a new visual identity of our candidacy that is replacing the first version. Its author is Jakub Svetlík, an experienced graphic designer from Hlohovec who we introduced in the interview in our November issue


317 project proposals delivered - Thanks to all....

July 2020 ( slovak version)              Work on the preparation of the Hlohovec application for the European Capital of Culture 2026 initiative is intensively ongoing....


Hlohovec - European Capital of Culture 2026: a real chance or a utopia?

April 2020 (english version)    The title of the ECoC is designated to one or two European towns that have for an entire year an opportunity to introduce their cultural lifestyle and its development to the rest of Europe. A panel of 12 experts will select...


We celebrated European languages and cultural heritage along with the rest of Europe.

October 2020  (english version)     The European Day of Languages is observed every year on September 26 based on an initiative of the Council of Europe since 2001.


The ECoC project is heading into the next stage

June 2020  (english version)
Activities around preparation of the candidature of Hlohovec for the title of the European Capital of Culture in 2026 are continuing. The previous two months were very intensive...


Hlohovec aspiring to become a capital of European culture 

February 2020  (english version)  In 2026 one Slovak and one Finnish town will held a prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture (ECoC). Within Slovakia, Hlohovec also has the ambition to compete for this title. Six years of preparations may...

TV coverage

Hlohovec TV (14.12.2020): Hlohovec delivers ECoC bidbook  - reportage  (slovak version)

Hlohovec TV (05. 05. 2020): Initial interview on ECoC - reportage  (slovak version)


Hlohovec TV (15.10.2020): Next stage of ECoC contest - reportage (slovak version)

Hlohovec TV (05. 05. 2020): How Hlohovecians can participate on ECoC - reportage   (slovak version)

Hlohovec TV (24. 06. 2020): After open call interview  (slovak version)


Press Interviews

Pilsen “lads“ attention caught by courage and audacity of Hlohovec 

July 2020  (english version)
Petr Simon and Roman Černík are „lads from Pilsen“, approached by Hlohovec ECoC 2026 project team to assist with preparations of the application for the first round of our candidature.


We learned from the marketing director of the Sydney Olympics 

May 2020 (slovak version)
And we want to hear you too, "says Juraj Surma, manager of the European Capital of Culture project Hlohovec 2026 ...

European Capital of Culture contest may help stopping the brain drain from Hlohovec 

May 2020   (english version)
We discussed the intent of contesting the title of ECoC 2026, the opportunities that it may bring to Hlohovec and the importance of community participation with the Hlohovec ECoC 2026 Project Director – Juraj Surma.

Interview on ECOC with project director Juraj Surma                     

May 2020 (slovak version)
One of the interesting awards that a city can receive within the European Union is the title of European Capital of Culture. In 2026 he will get the opportunity ...


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