Život v Hlohovci, december 2020
The candidacy of Hlohovec for the ECoC is also supported by a famous personality from Hlohovec – Richard Müller.  He was enticed by an offer to get involved in the project as a dramaturgist and a patron of selected music programs and visual art productions. He was also impressed by the boldness with which Hlohovec approached the competition. ”I will be very happy to help out with this ambition over the following days and months,“ Müller said at the meeting with the project team. An idea was presented there that on the occassion of his 65th birthday, symbolically in 2026, when Hlohovec could be the ECoC from Slovakia, he would publish a new music album. We believe that this idea will become a reality. The ECoC team is preparing one more surprise with Richard Müller, you will find out more about it during December.