Juraj Surma

Graduated from a prestigious business school INSEAD in French Fontainebleau in Change Management. He also studied Theatre Management at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and for seven years was a director of the largest artistic workshop in central Europe LETAVY and the oldest amateur theatre festival in Europe Scénická žatva. Since 2006 is a consultant in the field of leadership skills development, setting up and managing the process of change. He twice lead his floorball team Dragons Hlohovec as a captain and a coach to a champions title in the second tier of Slovak floorball league. He loves classic comedians Lasica & Satinský, Werich and Voskovec, and most of all Jára Cimrman. He grew up listening to Pink Floyd and Queen and he motivates his teammates before matches with american 90’s rap. He co-authors a podcast show, where he in seven years produced more than 110 episodes of podcasts on management topics.

Veronika Moravčíková

Completed her university studies at the Department of Culturology of Faculty of Philosophy at Constantine the Philospher University in Nitra. Since 2013 till February 2020 she worked at this department as an assistant. She was focusing on the area of cultural diplomacy, cultural politics, legislation in culture and project and marketing strategies. She was a dramaturgic and executive leader of Galéria na schodol (Gallery on Stairs), that is at the Department of Culturology of FP CPU in Nitra. She is the vice-president of the Culturological society. Part of this function is organising slovakian prize Ceny Pavla Straussa. Since 2009 she was in Staré divadlo Karola Spišáka in Nitra, that she left in 2016 from a position of a sales-operations department manager. In 2016 she was part of a team founding independent theatre – Nové divadlo in Nitra, where she holds the position of an artistic producent. Since August 2019 she became the director of the Town’s Cultural Center in Hlohovec.  

Miroslav Kollár

Had all sorts of different roles. Member of the national parliament, town mayor, director of a prestigeous think-tank Institute for Public Affairs, non-playing captain of a bronze winning extra-league womens tennis team, president of the Council of public Slovak broadcaster, vice-president of the Towns’ Union and a licensed tennis umpire. He was the CEO of the private slovak press agency SITA, advisor to three ministers of culture, assisted in founding another prestigeous think-tank the Centre for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture CVEK, was the head of the Media Institute, in the ’90 he worked as a journalist, starting in the Czech press office, he wrote columns in Kultúrny život. He got several prizes out which the most treasured ones are Cena Dominika Tatarku and Cena Evropský fejeton, and also the award Inforčin roka is his pride. He is the co-author and co-editor of more than 40 publications, that can be found in libraries all over the world, from the Library of Congress in Washington to libraries at Harvard or Yale. A feminist and liberal, who lives quite conservatively in one partnership for 30 years. A proud father. Despite the above, just a normal human being, who most of all values personal freedom a independence.

Tomáš Borovský

Studied law at Trnava University. He works in local government since 2008, started at the law department of Piešťany city hall, that he later lead for four year. He works for Hlohovec coucil since 2015. He joined the city hall at a position of the director of mayor’s office, where he took over the legal aspects and control of the activity and economic performance of the city companies. He held this position simultaneously with other positions in the management of two city companies for four years. In January 2016 he became the director of Vodárenská spoločnosť Hlohovec, s.r.o., that he elevated from red figures, since August 2018 he also filled the position of a director of Mestská poliklinika Hlohovec, s.r.o., that he built up in an extremely short time period. In the management of the city companies he fully developed his managerial competencies, especially in the area of crisis management. With this experience he took over the leadership of the town council offices as the head, which he helds till now. He loves coffee and sports.

Zuzana Hrinková Siebenstichová

Started writing for the school magazine during her eight years at the local grammar school and knew already then that she wants to become a professional jouranlist. She completed her journalism studies at Constantine the Philospher University in Nitra in 2006. During the studies she started to work at the Press and information office of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic, where she stayed for 12 years and gained experience from the opposite side of the journalistic profession. Since 2015 she worked at the Hlohovec City Hall, where she created the Department for communication and public relationships and setup a new, open way of informing the public and media. She is the editor-in-chief of town’s newspaper Život v Hlohovci, she manages the town’s social media, co-ordinates and promotes cultural and social events and organises relationships with partnership cities around Slovakia and abroad. She was part of the team that prepared the new visual identity of the town, that Hlohovec is using since 2018. She likes to invest her energy into projects that make sense to her. She loves travelling and spending time in nature.

Lucia Loskotová

Studied journalism at Constantine the Philospher University in Nitra. During her studies she worked in the newsroom of the evening news of Slovak national broadcaster RTVS. After studies her career steps took her into marketing. After four years she joined one of the largest marketing companies in Slovakia MADE BY VACULIK, where she worked for the biggest client of the agency Tatra bank. In her role she was looking after the offline marketing activities. Among her greatest success she lists accounting of commercials, co-organising events for Tatra bank’s foundation arts prizes and an Open Day in Slovak National theatre. Another work experience was working in a digital marketing agency, where she gained experience with website creation, performance marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and employer branding. Since January 2020 she works in the Town’s Cultural Centre as the deputy director for programming, operational and technical works.

Martina Kováčová

Studied international relationships and diplomacy at Faculty of political sciences at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica and specialised in regional and structural politics of EC/EU. She worked amogst other things as a state advisor at the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic at a Project unit for foreign aid and also as a state advisor at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic in Agency for regional development. In private sector she worked as a specialist for EU funding at J&T Finance Group, a.s. Since 2015 she works at Hlohovec City Hall, since 2016 as the head of Strategies department. She took part in preparation of key strategic town development documents and in implementing innovations in town (visual smog, unified look of public spaces, climatic changes…). She worked on preparation of key town documents in the last couple of years – reconstruction of the castle and cinema. She is also a long time volunteer for the town and its citizens, she initiated a organises an annual Children’s Day event.

Matúš Lukačovič

Studied politology at Comenius University. During studies he participated in Erasmus study stays in Sweden and Estonia. He took part in educational projects in France, Turkey, Georgia and Malta. Since 2016 he works at Strategies department of the City Hall in Hlohovec, where he oversaw the initiation of participation processes in town, such as the participative budget and planning of public spaces. He is also responsible for strategic and koncept documents, transparency, data, smart city solutions and development of Hlohovec. In 2019 he was awarded with the sTOPa prize that is given by organisation AKRAM – Asociácia krajských rád mládeže. Amongst other things he is an author of a university students work experience program at the City Hall and is behind the initiative mladiHC, that groups together young people of Hlohovec with a common interest actively participate with their ideas in town. In his spare time he loves to ride his road bike around Hlohovec and spends summers at music festivals.

Adam Lukačovič

Graduated from Faculty of architecture at VUT in Brno at the Department of Urban Design. He started practicing architecture and urbanism during studies while working at various architecture studios in Brno. He gained his first experience with strategic planning during an abroad study stay in Gent, Belgum at KU Leuven Campus Sint-Lucas. His first larger project in town urbanism was development of a housing strategy for Kyjov town. Since 2015, after moving his activities to Slovakia he runs his own architectural practice. He took part in various workshops with the topic on urbanism of small towns and contributes to the teaching process at the Faculty of architecture of STU in Bratislava. Since 2016 he is an external consultant at the Strategies department at Hlohovec City Hall. He developed the town’s concept of public spaces, takes part in active participation with citizens, organises workshops, prepares strategic documents and consults in the area of town development. Since 2019 he works with the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava on strategic planning of public spaces.

Kamila Navrátilová

Studied marketing communication at Faculty of Mass Media Communication of University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava. She did a study stay at Charles University in Prague and summer media school in Salzburg. During studies she gained work experience in various marketing agencies and in marketing departments of VUB bank and Orange. After school she worked in a PR agency on hiring solutions for Amazon. Now she works as a communications, public relations a promotion officer at the City Hall in Hlohovec. She blogs her observations about the marketing and advertising trends. She likes to meet new people and discover new places. In her spare time she’s learning japanese, where she will travel as soon as she learns the language. For a number of years she was a member of the volunteer fire fighter group.