We celebrated European languages and cultural heritage along with the rest of Europe. 

Život v Hlohovci, okctober 2020

The European Day of Languages is observed every year on September 26 based on an initiative of the Council of Europe since 2001. On this occasion, Hlohovec as the candidate town for the European Capital of Culture for the year 2026 was approached by the Finnish partner town Savonlinna to co-create a celebration of European languages. Together with Latvian town Césis we created a series of videos showcasing the variety of languages of small nations in the European Union. Hlohovec was represented by a series of five videos produced by Stano Kamenčík and Lubo Gregor about palindromes, which Stano Kamenčík collects and creates. Combined with the Finnish author Sirpa Kähkönen and Latvian author Ingūna Bauere our joined initiative gained over 5,500 views on social media.  

We also took part in a series of events under a common title of European Heritage Days (EHD), that are held throughout September in the EU states. The initiative Hlohovec – European Capital of Culture 2026 contributed with its “little-big“ project made up by another series of videos capturing historical sights in Hlohovec. Three vidoes are mapping all historical properties based on the regional subdivision of the town. Buildings were photographed by Dávid Urminský, videos were created by Katarína Bukovanová. Introduction was provided by Jozef Urminský. All above mentioned videos can be seen on the page @hlohovec2026 on Facebook or youtube channel fo Hlohovec.